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There was a union of four automobile manufacturers in 1932 that helped to create one of the most recognizable vehicle emblems on the road. The four silver rings of the Audi brand are iconic. Each of the rings represent one of the previous companies that joined forces to create Audi. Audi's luxury name and look were established back then. The vehicles have been built with the focus on high performance engines and lightweight construction. The combination of the two create the ultimate aerodynamics. These principles haven't changed since the 30's. There have been a ton of popular car models in the Audi lineup that many people appreciate. As soon as you drive one of the top-of-the-line vehicles, you'll understand why they have remained popular through the years. If you drive one currently, it's important that the parts you are using for repairs and replacements are a match for the quality they have. Shop for OEM Audi parts today here at Buy Audi VW Parts.

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