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The history of the Volkswagen company is rich, dating back to 1937. The name of the company translates to "people's car" in German. The marque is considered to be the flagship of the Volkswagen group. Sales of Volkswagen vehicles started slower in the United States for a few reasons. These included the fact that the cars were smaller than usual with unique shapes. A campaign was eventually launched in 1959 where the "Beetle" model in the lineup was introduced. The size was marketed as an advantage to customers. Since the launch of the Beetle, Volkswagen has been one of the best selling auto imports in the States. The Beetle surpassed the production record of 15 million cars twelves years after the launch. Make sure if you drive a Volkswagen, Beetle or otherwise, that you're using high quality parts on it for repairs or upgrades. Only OEM parts will give you the quality your car deserves. Find the best quality Volkswagen parts right here on our site.